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[[The 4400 Center]]
This community is for Icon making fans of the 4400. Each week screencaps or lyrics will be posted and you will have to make an Icon from one or with at least three consecutive words from the set of lyrics.
1.Icons must be submitted as a comment (which will be screened until the end of the voting period)
2.You must submit the Icon along with a URL, (Photobucket and Imageshack are great, free, image hosting sites)
3.The Icon cannot be from anywhere else or previously posted. Any Icons breaking this rule with be disqualified.
4.The Icon must be your own, any stolen Icons will also be disqualified.
5.You must also state in your comment whether or not you would like a banner made should you win.
6.The Icon must fit LJ standards (Max 100x100px 40kb)
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

1.You must be a member to vote
2.If you entered an Icon you are required to vote, unless you have a valid exuse (i.e. vacation). If this is the case please state this in a comment, or with your entry.
3.Do not vote for yourself.
4.You cannot tell someone to vote for you or tell someone which Icon is yours, this will result in disqualification.
5.When voting, please vote for three icons, do not vote for more or less than three icons unless otherwise stated.
Entries will be accepted from Tuesday to Saturday Night (12 am GMT (-05.00) Eastcoast US and Canada).
Voting will open Sunday and close Monday night. Winners will be up Tuesday along with the next challenge.
There will be a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place if there are enough entries.
The 1st place winner's Icon will be the community Icon for that week
Shawn and Kyle
4400 Slash @ shawnandkyle